5 Things to Quit in 2020

i don’t know about you friend, but i love grace and fresh starts. even though you can change old habits or start new lifestyle choices at anytime, there’s no better time to sit down and figure out your year-long vision than at the beginning of the year.  

this year i am going to create a vision board, so be sure to check back to see a blog on that fun process! in the meantime, here are 5 things I’m quitting this year and years to come. i hope you’ll join me, friend!

1) hearing negativity is one thing. but actually listening to it and letting it soak in + change the way you view yourself or others is just the works of the enemy. the enemy feeds off lies and negativity. don’t let him trap you, friend.
2) God’s given each one of us unique gifts and abilities. Don’t doubt your divine design. you’re a masterpiece!
3) we can’t reasonably compare ourselves to others. there’s not point. we have our own life, our own race marked out before us. stay in your lane sis, and cheer on those next to you who are running their race. our God given gifts will help us win this race called life. focus on your race + your gifts+ encouraging others. life is hard enough as it is. don’t add comparison to the mix.
4) i know we’ve all heard God’s timing is perfect, and it is! we may think we know best, that we need a certain person, opportunity, or thing right NOW! but we really don’t. life is like a box of chocolates , but let’s put our trust and patience in the One who wrote out our life.
5) there are sooooo many distractions in this world, let’s stop letting them take us away from the present moment. in 2020, let’s be more present with our loved ones, experiences, and God’s presence.
2 0 2 0, I’m ready for ya! ✨🥳

x o x o,


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